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Corypheus is an integrated Mobile Marketing agency specializing in the emerging Russian iOS and Android markets. Our services are split up into three main areas:

Pay-Per-Install Campaign

Pragmatic media buying and optimization technology, access to all the top advertising networks and direct publishers in the Russian market enable us to offer mobile traffic on a Pay-Per-Install basis. Our rates for non-incentivized traffic start from USD 2.00 per install for iOS and from 1.50 for Android. There is no minimum budget per campaign and we support any third-party install tracking solutions.

Guaranteed App Ranking

This service lets our customers secure guaranteed ranks of their apps in the App Store for a fixed price. Either incentivized or non-incentivized traffic is used to accumulate the number of installs needed to promote an app to Top10, Top25 or Top50 in the overall rating. Such a boost campaign creates tens of thousands of organic installs and the effective CPI is often below USD 0.20.

Public Relations

Our mobile PR strategy is based on simultaneous publication of unique detailed textual and video reviews on the most popular and thoroughly selected Russian websites, blogs, YouTube channels and social media groups dedicated to mobile devices and apps. Although an exact number of installs or a certain position in the App Store is not guaranteed here, it is a perfect way to create a buzz about your product.