How it worksBACK

1) You approve the list of websites where your app will be featured

2) We sign a simple Insertion Order

3) You make the payment according to the Insertion Order

4) You provide a unique tracking link for each our website (We also use a third-party system to track links, but usually customers prefer to provide their own links)

5) Then you are welcome to tell us some features of your app that you want to be especially outlined in the reviews.

6) We schedule the start of our campaign. It takes 3-4 days for our editors to prepare reviews. And we need a day or two to approve all the materials. So, we need 7 business days after the date of Insertion Order to get ready.

7) We start working at the textual and video reviews and book ad spaces according to the Insertion Order

8) The campaign starts across all the websites and on the day stated in the Insertion Order

9) During 48 hours your app enjoys the initial boost of downloads generated by our websites followed by organic traffic from the Russian App Store.