CORYPHEUS digital ad solutions, your bridge to the Chinese market 

CORYPHEUS creates custom digital advertisement solutions, connecting you to one of the world’s largest markets, China. Our team of Chinese copywriters, translators, and SEM experts build competitive marketing strategies for your business and works with you to implement them.

SEO & SEM on Baidu

As a certified partner of Baidu, we set you up with an ad account fast. We offer end-to-end support with keyword research, SEO, and PPC. Best of all, you don’t need to register a company in China!

Official WeChat Account

One of the most used apps in the world, WeChat provides a vast array of opportunities for businesses in the Chinese Market. We’ll get you started and help you funnel and maintain the right traffic.

Chinese Website and Hosting 

For non-China-based companies, generating an authentic online presence can prove to be an impossible task. CORYPHEUS establishes your business’ legitimacy with a genuine Chinese web address.  

Translation and Localization

Our native-speaking translation professionals ensure your content is 100% localized. We translate files and documents in any format, including websites, mobile apps, and desktop software.

About Us

Implementing potent digital ad solutions, CORYPHEUS presents companies with the resources to enter the Chinese marketplace with greater speed and efficiency. More importantly, our central focus of accessibility creates more opportunities for businesses to connect to new clients with minimal investment. A certified partner of Baidu, our search engine optimization (SEO) experts work directly with you to pinpoint specific markets for your product while targeting the right keywords for your brand. In addition to keyword research, we specialize in par per click (PPC) ad campaigns and identify affordable turnkey solutions for your online marketing needs.

Indeed, at CORYPHEUS we build your company the perfect plan and approach to entering China’s completive and rewarding market. Trying to stand out amidst an endless ocean of competition without access to proper online channels can be an overwhelming experience for new entries of the Chinese marketplace. We empathize, and employ a variety of online tools to establish a unique digital identity for your company.

Further, with our knowledge and tools at our disposal we help you obtain Chinese web hosting and an official WeChat account without having to register a company in China. Clear communication is an indispensable asset for any company looking to cultivate meaningful relationships with clients. Our native-speaking translation and localization professionals protect the clarity of your message while reworking it to fit within the verbal customs of your target audience. Well-versed and current with the latest online Chinese marketing trends, CORYPHEUS ensures that you stay ahead of the curve by cutting a straight line to you and your clients. If you have any questions regarding our search engine marketing services, contact us today and hear what we can do for you.


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